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Country Hotel Fernblick

Hiking possibilities in and around Huemmerich!

Landhotel Fernblick Hotel Restaurant Essen gehen Sonnenuntergang trinken gehen westerwald hümmerich  natur genuss partner

Whoa, Waller?   Allemol!  thus sounds the call,
which I once quietly created for my homeland,
And if you ever ask about its origin,
So let me tell you in the shortest words:
The storm has taught me the "Hui" so often,
When he drives wildly over our heathen.

When it roars and roars over the mountains,
I often listened to the "Hui" as a child.
We children of the forest, as everyone knows,
We were and are always called "Wäller".
And if you now wander through the fields and the forest,
The question  "Hui Wäller"? echoes against you,
Gives answer the question my "Allemol"! - Call,
Which I created together with "Hui Wäller".

So go out now through forest and through fields,
The bosom joyfully swelled with wanderlust;
Let it sound: "Hui Wäller"? that it sounds booming
And "Allemol" roars across then penetrates.

And when friend Hein approaches us one day,
Will take us to the last hike,
And asks: "Hui Wäller?" in the last hour
Once more "Allemol!" cries the bleaching mouth.

We provide you with some information websites here!

Of course, we also have free information material ready for you at reception!

You can obtain hiking maps from the Tourist Association for EUR 4.90 directly from us on site.

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You can reach us by phone at: 00492687-2291

By email at or

via our contact form .

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